• New Flann O'Brien Podcast & Launch!

    New Flann O'Brien Podcast & Launch!

    Posted by The Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies on 2023-04-21

The new Flann O'Brien podcast, "Radio Myles", is now live!

  • Episode 1 is an introduction to Flann O'Brien, with host Toby Harris and his first guest, O'Brien expert Professor Joseph Brooker [YouTubeApple, Spotify, Google].
  • In Episode 2, Toby and Chicago author Vincent Francone discuss why writers should read Flann O'Brien [YouTubeAppleSpotify, Google].
  • In Episode 3Toby and Einat Adar discuss the philosophy of The Third Policeman's Atomic Theory via Descartes, the anti-materialism of Leibniz and Berkeley, and 20th-century physics [YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google].
  • In Episode 4Maebh Long shares an unpublished draft of the narrator's famous manifesto in At Swim-Two-Birds! [YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google]
  • In Episode 5, Maebh Long discusses the technologies of writing & shares a never-before-heard clip from an interview with the author [YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google]
  • In Episode 6, Julieta Abella discusses misunderstandings in O'Brien's writing & his connections with Jorge Luis Borges [YouTube, Apple, Spotify, Google]

The podcast will be officially launched at


An in-person panel as part of Birkbeck Arts Week to launch "Radio Myles: The Flann O'Brien Podcast" with speakers Einat Adar, Joseph Brooker, and Tobias Harris

  • WHEN: Wed 26 April, 18:00-19:20
  • WHERE: Birkbeck 43 Gordon Square, London

Book your place at: Radio Myles: Podcasting Flann O'Brien — Birkbeck, University of London (bbk.ac.uk)

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