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    Posted by Paul Fagan on 2021-07-15

110 Myles:
Flann O’Brien at a Distance

An online symposium on the 10th Anniversary of
The International Flann O'Brien Society

To register for conference and receive links for individual sessions, email flannobriendistance@gmail.com 

No registration fee, the symposium is free to attend


All times given are Dublin/Irish Standard Time (UTC+01.00)

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Zoom meeting links will be emailed directly to speakers & registered participants
when the final programme is sent out


Day 1

Monday 26 July




The International Flann O’Brien Society @10

 Ruben Borg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Paul Fagan (Salzburg University)


* * * 


Panel 1: Acting Out

Chair: Paul Fagan (Salzburg University)

Galaxy of Fake: Brian O’Nolan’s Distance from John Millington Synge

Joseph Brooker (Birkbeck, University of London)


Thunderous Anger & Cold Showers:

Grand Guignol in Myles na gCopaleen’s An Scian & The Handsome Carvers

Jack Fennell (University of Limerick)

* * *


Roundtable: Intersections of Form & Identity

Chair: Eleanor Careless (Open Library of Humanities)


On The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O’Brien Studies 5.1 (Spring 2021)


Brian Doherty (St Aloysius’ College, Glasgow)

Maggie Glass (University of Limerick)

Scott Eric Hamilton (University College Dublin)

Rodney Sharkey (Weill Cornell Medicine)


With an introduction to the Open Library of Humanities by

Eleanor Careless


* * * 


Keynote Address

Chair: Maebh Long (University of Waikato)


Flann O’Brien at the Border: Readings, Forms & Futures

Nicholas Allen (University of Georgia)


* * *


Panel 2: Disrupted Presents

Chair: Ronan Crowley (University of Antwerp)


‘Our likes will not be seen again’: Flann O’Brien’s Laughing Apocalypse

Paul Fagan (Salzburg University)


‘Not with a bang but a whimper’: Influenza Epidemics & The Dalkey Archive

Maebh Long (University of Waikato)

* * *


New Books


Modern Literature & the Death Penalty, 1890–1950

By Katherine Ebury (University of Sheffield)

Introduced by Ruben Borg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Followed by discussion with the author


A Very Strange Man: A Memoir of Aidan Higgins

By Alannah Hopkin

Introduced by Keith Hopper (Institute of Technology Sligo)

Followed by discussion with the author


Breakout Room Drinks

* * *

Day 2

Tuesday 27 July



Panel 3: Nonhuman Turns

Chair: Yael Levin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Entomological Modernism, Automata & the Nonhuman

in Rhapsody in Stephen’s Green

Lisa Fitzgerald (Université Rennes 2)


Signal & Noise in Rhapsody in Stephen’s Green

Tobias W. Harris (Birkbeck College, University of London)


Going the Distance: Becoming-Other in ‘John Duffy’s Brother’ & The Poor Mouth

Einat Adar (University of South Bohemia)


* * *


Panel 4: Political Landscapes

Chair: Katherine Ebury (University of Sheffield)


‘Neutral, humbug terms’:

Political Indeterminacy, Élan Vital & The Forgetting of Air in The Third Policeman

John Conlan (University of Notre Dame)


How Distant is An Drochshaol in An Béal Bocht?

Mylesian Faminised, Abhuman Irish Speakers & Folk Traditions

Christin M. Mulligan (Caldwell University)


* * *


Keynote Address

Chair: Paul Fagan (Salzburg University)


Writing with Air in The Third Policeman

Julie Bates (Trinity College Dublin)


* * *


Panel 5: Irish Modernisms

Chair: Tamara Radak (University of Vienna)


The Full Little Jug: Flann O’Brien & the Irish Public Sphere

 Catherine Flynn (University of California, Berkeley)


At Swim-Two-Birds, Irish Modernism, World Literature

John Greaney (Goethe University Frankfurt)


With an introduction to the forthcoming Bloomsbury collection

Irish Modernisms: Gaps, Conjectures, Possibilities  

by Tamara Radak (University of Vienna)

* * *


Panel 6: Broadcast Flann

Chair: Joseph Brooker (Birkbeck, University of London)


On The Air: Brian O’Nolan’s ‘Fact & Fancy-Talk’
Joseph LaBine (University of Ottawa)


Streaming Myles: Birkbeck’s New Flann O’Brien Podcasting Project

Tobias W. Harris (Birkbeck College, University of London)

* * *

Day 3

Wednesday 28 July


Panel 7: Aesthetic Strategies

Chair: Einat Adar (University of South Bohemia)


At Swim-Two-Birds: Creativity & Cut-up

Ryan McHale (Florida State University)


The Third Policeman’s Predetermined Path

Elliott Mills (Trinity College Dublin)


Theories of Literary Censorship in Cruiskeen Lawn

Christopher Deliso (Independent Scholar)


* * * 


Keynote Address

Chair: Ruben Borg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)


Myles na gCopaleen at the Gate: The Insect Play

Ondřej Pilný (Charles University, Prague)


* * *


Panel 8: Patriarchal, State, Biographical Authorities

Chair: Catherine Flynn (University of California, Berkeley)


The Patriarch of the O’Nolans & the Tomb of the Unknown

Brian Ó Conchubhair (University of Notre Dame)


Flann O’Brien & the Irish Policeman: Changing New States for Old

Bruce Stewart (Federal University of Rio do Norte)


An Epistolary Novelty; or, Galloping Green Revisited

Thomas O’Grady (University of Massachusetts, Boston)


* * *


Closing Ceremony: Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


Announcement of Winners of the

2021 International Flann O’Brien Society Awards


Official Announcement and Opening of the Call for Papers for the

2022 Flann O’Brien Symposium in Boston


Breakout Room Drinks


* * *


End of Symposium


* * *


Ruben Borg (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Paul Fagan (Salzburg University)

Maebh Long (University of Waikato)


Event Management

Jenny Theuer (University of Vienna)





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