Brian Ó Nualláin/O’Nolan: Scholarly Background and Foreground



This article features a detailed discussion of Brian O’Nolan’s educational development as a writer and thinker. Breandán Ó Conaire, author of the pioneering study Myles na Gaeilge (1986),unveils the richness of O’Nolan’s intellectual background in the Irish language and Irish-language literature and places the author within a rich heritage of scholastic learning before finally discussing O’Nolan’s frustrations with Irish-language academia. The essay also features a fascinating postscript featuring passages from An Béal Bocht juxtaposed beside their original source texts.

Keywords: An Béal Bocht, Irish langauge, Scholarship, Education, Biography, Brian O'Nolan

How to Cite: Ó Conaire, B. (2018) “Brian Ó Nualláin/O’Nolan: Scholarly Background and Foreground”, The Parish Review: Journal of Flann O'Brien Studies. 4(1). doi: